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StudioE Photography



Q: Why should I choose StudioE Photogaphy for my school pictures?

A: We take the extra time and effort to make sure your photographs turn out just the way you imagined.


Q: What is the age limit?

A: All ages are welcome! It's geared for school-aged children, but we are able to accommodate younger siblings, and even offer professional business headshots for adults!


Q: What school districts are invited to participate?

A: ALL! We photograph children from any school district or grade, including those who are home schooled.


Q: Do I have to make an appointment?

A: We have scheduled walk-in times for your convenience.  Appointments are not necessary.


Q: What is the session fee?

A: There is no charge to be photographed!


Q: How do we choose our images?

A: You will be right alongside Erin as she photographs your children, and will view the images on the camera's LCD screen to select your favorite images for your order.


Q: Can we have a sibling photo taken?

A: We cannot accommodate sibling photos during our School Pictures Done Right sessions.  Our backdrops are sized for individual portraits.  If you are wanting sibling photos please schedule a custom portrait session with Erin.


Q: Do you offer retouching and what is the cost?

A: We will do any retouching that you request at NO additional cost.  {One more benefit of choosing StudioE for your school portraits!!}


Q: When do we order/pay?

A: Print orders are placed on the day pictures are taken. Payment is also made at this time.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Cash, check, credit card, and occasionally barter.


Q: When will my prints be ready for pick up?

A: Print orders will be ready within 10-14 days.


Q: Can we use the images taken as our yearbook photo?

A: Unfortunately, no. Your child will still need to participate in their school picture day for ID cards and yearbook images.